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 Release Notes - August 1, 2010

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BeitragThema: Release Notes - August 1, 2010   So Aug 01, 2010 11:15 pm

Zitat :
There have been many reports of performance issues this weekend and the team has been working to address those issues.

We will be bringing the HOLDOECK server down for maintenance to apply a new update (ST.5.20100721a.14) which we expect to alleviate some of the lag and mission issues players have been reporting.

This build was initial scheduled to go live Monday at 3am - but is being pushed up in the schedule to get these critical fixes to you.

General Updates
Several memory leaks and errors have been resolved which we expect to increase shard performance.
Vice admiral pips will now grant for TNG series uniforms.
The blocking issue with Tarsen’s crew the Klingon mission “Bringing down the House” has been resolved.
We've addressed some issues teams were having running missions together in Star Clusters. We have fixed a few cases where teams would not be able to load into the map together. See known issues for more status.
Players that are too low level to enter the B’tran cluster will no longer be offered diplomacy missions in that area.
The pvp queue is now in a more usable state. We are actively working on a more substantial solution to the pvp queuing system.
Shield healing is now counted for rewards in PvP.
The mission failure timer for iPvP has been adjusted so players do not enter a failed map.
The quartermasters on K7 will now always spawn on the map.
The perk for gathering unique particles has been made visible.
NPC’s that are sitting on social systems will no longer stand up and sit down constantly.
The progression window that appears when single clicking the XP bar will now automatically jump to your current rank.
The diplomacy tab of the rewards page has been updated with clearer information.
The prisoners that need to be beamed up on the Romulan hub mission “Preemptive Strike” should now be beamable.
Klingon Episodes now have better rewards attached to their completion.

Known Issues
We are still looking into reports that Klingon vs Klingon vice admiral ipvp missions are not functioning properly. The designers continue to look into PVP issues to ensure we get all of these maps functional asap.
We continue to investigate issues of teams not being able to load into Star Cluster maps together. We have fixed one issue related to this but believe that it will only work for "new" star cluster missions. Trying to continue a previous star cluster mission, where only one team member had the mission to begin with is still problematic.

also ob ->

The pvp queue is now in a more usable state. We are actively working on a more substantial solution to the pvp queuing system.

was bring - da bin ich ja mal gespannt Razz
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BeitragThema: Re: Release Notes - August 1, 2010   Mo Aug 02, 2010 11:34 am

Na das hört sich doch gut an, und Azlesa kann man wohl auch wieder in der Gruppe machen.
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Release Notes - August 1, 2010
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