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 25.03.2010 Release Notes - March 24, 2010

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Lifetime Subscriber Perks

We’ve put together a special thank you package for our Lifetime subscribers:

Classified Access Codes – A free C-store item.

The Captain’s Table – A special social area exclusive to Lifetime subscribers, available to both Federation and Klingon captains.

Special In-Game Title – “Career Officers” are those who’ve joined Starfleet or the KDF for the long haul.
PVP Updates

Wargames - Federation players can now participate in PvP against one another to better prepare for the dangers of the battlefield.

New PvP Map – Explore “Shanty Town,” a brand new Ground Assault map available for both Klingon and Federation players.

Off-Duty Uniforms – Experience the STO universe in style! Starfleet officers will have the option to change into off-duty outfits to enjoy more casual attire.

New Stances and Hairstyles – Further customize your Captain by changing his or her hairstyle, or adopting two brand new stances: Stern and Relaxed.

A New Klingon Battle Cruiser – The K’Tanco Battle Cruiser has been made available to Klingon Lieutenant Commanders.

Klingon Ship Customization - Use the ship tailor to customize your Bird of Prey or Raptor.

New Fleet Actions Everywhere!

* The Big Dig – Available in Romulan space.
* DS9 Under Siege - The True Way has attacked and boarded DS9. Repel the invasion to save the day.
* Klingons Can Play, Too – Klingon Captains may now access the Crystalline Entity, Big Dig and Breaking the Planet Fleet Actions


* Respec Is Here – Unhappy with your Captain’s skill point allocation? Use the respec tool to change things up.
* New Skill: Starship Attack Vectors – Improve your ship’s accuracy and critical hit chance.
* New Skill: Combat Maneuvers – Improve your ship’s evasion and turn rate.
* New Skill: Starship Battle Strategy – Improve your ship’s critical hit severity and damage resistance.

In The C-Store

* New Bridge Variants - All new ways to update your Bridges’ look, available for a low price in the C-Store for both Federation and Klingon ships.
* Federation Ship Variants – New takes on your old favorites, available for a low price in the C-Store.

Formal Release Notes


* New Starfleet Bridge Officer Rewards: Tellarite, Rigelian, and Pakled. Tellarite officers are now offered at the personnel store.
* Players now have a chance to acquire Bridge Officers from the Pakled, Tellarite, and Rigelian races.
* Klingon players are now able to access their own star clusters.
* Bridge officers no longer attack invited players of hostile factions while aboard the bridge.
* Fixed a bug where items could get duplicated when logging in
* Fixed a crash that would occur when customizing your character
* Fixed a crash that would occur when viewing your remote contact list
* Fixed a crash that would occur when moving items to guild banks
* Fixed a bug that was preventing some audio notifications from playing
* Fixed an issue with shader caching which resulted in crashes.
* Fixed an exploit where players could make themselves invulnerable while organizing their away team selections
* /killme will now appropriately submit a ticket
* Fixed some cases where the Bridge Officer AI would restart their movement and thus be slower than desired
* Improved the away team's ability to navigate over and around difficult terrain.
* Added stores to Battle Group Omega (for both Fed and Klingon) where players can trade in Marks of Valor for equipment
* Players will automatically holster weapons when beaming down to non-PvP ground maps.
* Bridge Officers holster/unholster weapons based on the Captain's lead.
* Players can now bind a key to set rally points for bridge officers. This is available in the "Key Binds" tab in the options menu
* The ground tray power list and mode select buttons now remain clickable when opening the tray mode selector
* Fix an issue where clicking the tray mode box in space would deselect your target if "click unselects target is on"
* Removed access to the /movetointerior command. Players should use the minimap button to go to your bridge.
* Added 3 letter suffix to the Display name of the different Tribble subspecies for better sorting in the inventory and exchange
* Fixed a bug in the Tribble breeding that caused the Velasquez and Daxter Tribble to not breed correctly.
* Commodities can now be purchased in bulk
* Fix a bug that allowed players to use the replicator on ground by dragging an item to the "Replicator" button.
* Fixed a bug that made it so players couldn't jump while sprinting.
* Bat'leths are now available in the mark of honor stores
* Corrected a problem where video cards only capable of shader model 2.0 were not displaying scrolling textures.


* A new PvP ground assault map is available for all factions: Shanty Town.
* Fed vs. Fed PvP (Wargames) has been opened up for many maps and game types.
* New “Random Map” queues for PvP. Select queues by game type rather than individual maps.
* Assimilation Warzone Maps are now accessible from the Otha System in the Eta Eridani Sector Block and the Qay’ghun System in the Omega Leonis Sector Block.
* A Neutral Faction Bar has opening in the Drozana System in the Klingon/Federation Neutral Zone. Players of both factions may now socialize together before they return to battle.
* Players should now be correctly assigned to the proper PVP faction for all PVP ground assault maps.
* The Borg Hunt Warzone maps now show the correct map names when interacting with them at higher levels (41+)
* The Contact that shows up in the Borg Hunt Warzone map will now default to your Tactical Officer.
* PVP Queue Information will now properly update after changing maps
* Corrected the factions that are displayed in FvF PvP area control maps and added proper Red Fed Logos.
* Changed the floating PVP capture point icons so they more clearly indicate whether they are in a "capturing" or "reverting" state.
* Reduced bloom on floating PVP capture point icons to reduce a flickering effect that occurs when too much bloom in on screen.
* Fixed an exploit in Space Assault PvP maps that allowed players to score undetected Fixed an issue where the timers wouldn’t reset for the losing team in Space iPvP maps
* Corrected faction display errors in space PvP area control maps
* Klingon players will no longer be trapped if they go directly from Qo'Nos to a PVP map after creating their character.
* Fixed pvp daily mission Good Luck Charm so that it will only give credit once at the end of a pvp round or ipvp mission
* Fixed iPvP ground open mission rewards to give out ground gear as loot rather than space gear

Missions and Locations

Special Task Force: The Cure is here!

* Fleet actions are now level banded to make scoring fairer and more challenging for all players. Players who enter a fleet action mission will be sent to an instance with players within a specific level range and enemies on the map will be scaled appropriately. Rewards are also now scaled based on the level band of the Fleet Action you are sent to. This change also makes many Fleet Actions playable for all levels of players, although Fleet Actions still have a minimum level requirement based on the initial mission that offers you the Fleet Action.
* Fleet Action: The Big Dig – is a new Fleet Action available in Romulan Space
* Fleet Action: DS9 Under Siege – is a new Fleet Action available to Federation officers at level 29
* Klingon players may now compete in the Crystalline Entity Fleet Action in the Qutmut System in the Omega Leonis block.
* Klingon players may now compete the Big Dig Fleet Action in the Tiqchirgh System in the Omega Leonis block.
* Klingon Players may now compete in the Breaking the Planet Fleet Action in the Teroka System in the Omega Leonis block.
* Fleet Action: Crystalline Entity – the Entity has been tuned a bit.
* Fleet Action: Crystalline Entity - Moved the respawn points on the so players can get back into the action faster.
* Fleet Action: Breaking the Planet – Changed timers on the generator bombs and added a prompt to RUN After setting a bomb.
* Fleet Action: Breaking the Planet – Updated spawn locations of Klingons to take advantage of new map layout changes
* DeepSpace: Fixed a bug where a Cardassian Captain would pop up in Borg space as a contact
* DeepSpace: Moved some of the Fleet Commander spawns so that they don’t run over and own players who have just warped into the map.
* Fixed an issue that was preventing players from map transferring during the State of Q mission.
* Departing Fleet Actions using the Depart System button on the minimap will now return players to the proper sector.
* Most mission descriptions have been updated to include correct System, Sector, and Sector Block location information.
* Admiral Quinn has stopped using players' nicknames in most instances.
* Corrected errors in Federation ship database in Earth Spacedock.
* Corrected text errors in Klingon Empire promotion ceremony.
* Corrected errors, mission text, and dialog in the following missions: “Starbase 24”, “Treasure Trading Station”, , “Collateral Damage”, “Turret Killer”, “Dangerous Game”, “Secret Orders”, “Project Nightingale”, “Honor Bound”, “Minefield”, “The Other Side”, “Ghost Ship”, “Past Imperfect”, “The Ultimate Klingon”, “Tutorial”, “War Games”, “Task Force Hippocrates”, “PJem”, “Report to Gamma Orionis”, “Asset Recovery”, “Danteri system patrol”, “Chulan system patrol”, “Icari system patrol”, “Cernan system patrol”, “Aido”, “Elvin”, “Icari”, “Llaiir”, “K'Shan”, “Cero” and “Elwing system patrol”.
* The Teneebia System is now spelled correctly in mission logs and on the system map.
* Klingon Empire promotion missions may now be obtained via remote contact if they are not accepted at the time they pop-up.
* Klingon Empire promotion mission dialog now displays a proper contact
* Klingon Empire Defense Missions now accept credit for completing higher level Defense Missions if you had leveled up during the progress of the initial Defense Mission.
* Updated the name of Klingon ground equipment store from “Requisition Officers” to “Requisition Ground Equipment”
* Fixed a typo in the Ganalda PVP ground equipment vendor contact dialog.
* Fixed a typo in the mission that described to Klingon players how to get to the Ganalda station.
* Fixed a minor issue with level 43 Klingon players who were unable to use the Transwarp Conduit to travel to Borg Space.
* The Sky Demon (Comet) from the Saturday’s Child mission no longer drops random loot.
* Klingon NPCs should now use a wider variety of costume options
* Tons of new artifacts and interesting objects have been added to star cluster missions for your scanning and exploring pleasure.
* Teammates are no longer sent to different instances of the same map when entering an unknown system in Star Clusters.
* General B’Vat now wears appropriate attire depending on when/where he appears.
* Updated Anomalous Reading location on Dera to raise it above ground
* Repeatable Borg Deepspace missions now complete when the encounter sends the map complete announcement. Updated mission text to reflect this change.
* Updated Commander Charles instructions for Cardassian patrol missions.
* Fixed an issue where destructible object targeting reticules on ground maps would not show up until you were very close
* Reman captains will now personally hail you instead of talking to you as their ship.
* Fixed a missing piece of button text when warping out of the Azlesa Expanse back to Klingon Sector Space
* Dropping a repeatable mission that has a cooldown timer now counts as completing the mission for purposes of determining the cooldown timer
* Set General in Ganalda to level 45, as befitting his rank
* Updated Borg Deep Space Encounter’s mission text to be consistent with other content of this type
* Fixed an issue with Borg Deep Space Encounters space that prevented mission text from not clearing
* Federation Tutorial missions can be shared now. This should stop characters from getting Tutorial missions in an uncompletable state. Federation Tutorial mission Line in the Sand is now always granted as a primary mission instead of sometimes showing up as a secondary mission
* Fixed player credit issue in Ghost Ship that was causing some characters to have to replay some parts of the mission.
* Fixed player credit issue in Collateral Damage that was causing some characters to have to replay some parts of the mission.
* Qo'nos now has a console for spending all marks of exploration earned for completing end game exploration daily missions
* Earth Spacedock ship database now shows correct number of device slots for science ships
* Both Federation and Klingon ship databases were adjusted to show base turn rate in degrees per second.
* Updated Mark VIII PvP Space Shields to cost Medal of Distinction
* Fixed player credit issue in Ghost Ship that was causing some characters to have to replay some parts of the mission.
* Fixed player credit issue in Collateral Damage that was causing some characters to have to replay some parts of the mission.
* Players will now be warped to the next map on Trapped even if they are... well... trapped in debris.
* Fixed Ganalda Space Equipment vendor so that they sell tier X equipment rather than tier X consoles
* Added the IKS Klaarg to the Klingon sector map

STF Infected updates

* Capt Ogden can no longer be Exposed/Exploited.
* Plasma streams will now make certain areas of the last room in this mission extremely hazardous to stand in.
* Loot has been changed for any ground or space encounter that spawns in waves, they will no longer drop loot, as they were being farmed.
* Destroying the generator in the final stage of this mission will now cause plasma leaks in certain areas of the room. These plasma leaks are deadly, you will want to avoid them.
* You can no longer use the pre-order rifle to destroy the shield generator in the final room.
* Added hint text to Bridge Officer dialogs in Stop the Flow, to give players a small hint to something they might be missing.
* Replaced Interior Node shields with ones that players can no longer get trapped in.
* Changed the logic of the virus consoles, so that its much easier to know when you're able to upload the virus.
* Replaced the virus consoles with ones that will no longer have a mind of their own and do crazy things.
* Guard Drones in the final room no longer drop loot, no reason to farm them any longer.
* Made the boss’s fly power to be uninterruptable
* Special Task Force critters will now drop uncommon loot at an increased rate and no longer drop common trash items.
* Trash mobs in the beginning of the Special Task Force: Infected ground map have been reduced in count.
* Fixed an issue with the respawn rate of Guard Drones in the last room of Special Task Force: Infected.
* Fixed an exploit in Special Task Force: Infected that allowed players to bypass content in the first map
* Transwarp Gateway Shield will no longer trap ships.

Powers and Skills

* Consumables now have debuff removal properties.
* Starship Captain Skills: Updated starship captain skills that only affected a single ship type. These skills now provide 25% of their stat improvement to higher tier ships of the same category (cruiser, escort, etc.) This update addresses the concern that Commander and Captain rank starship caption skills were wasted skill points once the player moved into their next tier of ship.
* New Skill - Starship Attack Vectors: Improves starship accuracy and crit chance.
* New Skill - Starship Combat Maneuvers : Improves starship attack evasion and turn rate.
* New Skill - Starship Battle Strategy : Improves starship crit severity and damage resistance.
* Ability Modifier Changes - Attack Pattern Alpha, Beta, Delta, Omega: These abilities are now modified by Starship Attack Vectors, Starship Combat Manuevers, and Starship Battle Strategy.
* Ability Modifier Changes - Fire on my Mark: This ability is now modified by Starship Attack Vectors, Starship Combat Maneuvers, and Starship Battle Strategy.
* Ability Modifier Changes - Tactical Initiative: This ability is now modified by Starship Command, Starship Combat Maneuvers, and Starship Battle Strategy.
* Ability Modifier Changes - Go Down Fighting: This ability is now modified by Starship Command, Starship Combat Maneuvers, and Starship Battle Strategy.
* Training Node Changes - Attack Pattern Beta III: This ability is now earned by learning rank 9 of Starship Combat Maneuvers for Tactical Captains.
* Training Node Changes - Attack Pattern Omega III: This ability is now earned by learning rank 9 of Starship Battle Strategy for Tactical Captains.
* Ground Stealth Changes: Updated ground stealth to be more in line with space cloak game play. Stealth Module is now a toggle power with unlimited duration, but combat actions cannot be performed while using stealth. Stealth Module is no longer perfect stealth. Its strength is variable based on its version and enemies will be able to detect you at close range. Several abilities can now be used to counter stealth. Tricorder Scan, Target Optics, and Fire on my Mark all now have a stealth debuff element. Engineering fabrications (turrets, mortars, drones) have enhanced perception that can detect an enemy using stealth at longer range. Fire on my Mark in space has also gained a stealth debuff element, making it easier to detect cloaked ships while marked.
* Modified Klingon Carrier pets (fighters, Probes, Shuttles, Raider) - if you remove the hangar pet items, your pets will de-spawn.
* Fixed ship configuration requirements for all cannons (a few cannons could be used by all, and some cannons could not be used by certain ships). All Dual and Heavy Cannons can now be used by all Klingon ships (including the new Tier 2 K'Tanco Battle cruiser), all Federation Escorts, and the Federation Lt Cruiser.
* All Single Cannons can now be used by any ship.
* Enemies that lose line of sight because of a cover shield will now correctly switch targets
* Assault Multibeam and Rifle Multibeam now refer to the correct number of targets in their descriptions.
* Rifle Sniper Shot: Knockback was mistagged as RangedDmg
* Assault Energyblast: Damage was mistagged as PBAoEDmg
* Mine Explosions: Were not tagged as AoEDmg
* Pistol Overload: Knockback was mistagged as RangedDmg
* Tetryon Bolt Pistols’ primary powers are now correctly taking .25 seconds to activate, instead of 1 second.
* Pistol stun was mistakenly only doing damage on its first of 3 pulses.
* Plasma weapon DoTs are now set to stack instead of replace. Previously if the same player proc’d a second DoT using the same power it would cause the duration to refresh but not start a new DoT.
* Single quantum torpedoes previously received a 20% DPS penalty to compensate for their higher burst damage. They are now improved (only a 15% DPS penalty). Should make photon/quantum a more equal match.
* Beam Overload now drains 50 weapon power rather than 125 weapon power.
* Beam arrays and Beam banks were incorrectly doing the same damage with Fire at Will and are now working properly with the power.
* Antiproton Dual Banks were incorrectly doing Phaser damage and are now working properly.
* Antiproton banks are now appropriately improved by Antiproton skills, rather than Phaser skills
* Ground weapons and martial arts are no longer able to be used while cloaked.
* Changes to ground Exposes and Exploits: added 3 second shared cooldown for all secondary exposes, added 3 second shared cooldown for all secondary exploits.
* Rebalanced ground weapon AoEs to normalize their damage and make more weapons viable options. All changes were made to the max targets of the AoEs, or to their DPS
* All high end armor items purchased with STFs, PvP, and Exploration Marks should now properly have costumes assigned to them and have proper display text
* Photonic Fleet: Increased the variable range that a photonic fleet uses to spawn in. The arriving ships should now have less of a chance to spawn on top of each other.
* Martial Arts: Removed the Interrupt secondary effect from martial arts abilities to make delivering combination strikes easier during a martial arts fight between two characters.
* Lunge: Fixed the error that allowed lunge to vaporize enemies on a killing exploit.
* Engineering Fabrication: Fixed errors that would allow fabricated engineering pets to persist for longer than their designed duration.
* Draw Fire: Fixed error that had skill modifying the ability’s duration by a multiple of 5, rather than the designed multiple of .5. Improved the ability’s damage resistance bestowed slightly to offset the shorter duration.
* Science Team III training: Science Team III is now correctly unlocked by purchasing nine ranks in Scientist, rather than nine ranks of Doctor.
* Attack Pattern Beta: Reduced stack limit from 10 to 5, but doubled magnitude of debuff. Max bonus is retained and easier to reach by increasing magnitude.
* Attack Pattern Delta: Reduced stack limit from 10 to 5, but doubled magnitude of debuff. Max bonus is retained and easier to reach by increasing magnitude.
* Focus Fire: Reduced stack limit from 10 to 5, but doubled magnitude of debuff. Max bonus is retained and easier to reach by increasing magnitude.
* Full impulse is now deactivated on every warp transition
* Updated Bridge Officer version of Dampening Field Ranks’ 1, 2 and 3 to ensure they appear at the appropriate rank
* If you are cloaked or stealthed, interacting with a clicky object will now cancel your stealth/cloak.
* Fixed an error in math for cannon’s power drain
* Removed the hold and slow effect from exposes for players. Critters will still be affected.
* Feedback Pulse icon now appears on the target for the full duration of the ability
* Plasma Grenade: Improved damage to bring it in line with other grenade abilities
* Increased the power Drain of Turrets, Single Cannons and Dual Cannons so they are more in line with Beam Arrays. Single Cannons and Dual Cannons now drain 10 (like Beam Arrays) and Turrets now drain 8 - Note Cannons and Turrets still only drain power for half the time as Beam Arrays (Heavy Cannons drain for 1/4 of the time as Beam Arrays).
* Slightly Reduced the magnitude of EPS Flow Regulators. They are now more in line with other Console Mods - 4 Mark 10 will double your power transfer rate.
* Fix Starship Weapon Systems Performance so that, once ranked to 9, it will grant training in Energy Modulation III
* Corrected the error that prevented skill training for Mine Barrier III from being unlocked from Explosives.
* Fixed Nadeon Inversion so it properly grants resistance to weapon power drain when firing multiple weapons. It can now also be used to resist weapon power drain from any source, including any debuffs.
* Fixed Security Escort - Security Escort should no longer hold their guns pointed to the ground. Security Escorts with rifles should no longer switch to pistols. Security Escort rifle models should no longer flicker. Security Escort should no longer tap their wrist to beam out.
* Increased the Turn Rate of all Federation true Cruisers (not starting light cruiser) by 1.
* Fixed Del Taco promo shuttle pet so it can now also be summoned in system space.
* Added captain career requirement to description of skill training unlocks.
* Fixed a problem where certain melee powers weren't getting an exploit highlight on the powers tray
* Bat'leths are now available in the mark of honor stores
* Fixed an issue where the full impulse power would not work when used from a player’s power tray
* Skill information now properly displays on Bridge Officer candidate tooltips after the bridge officer is transferred to a different player
* Rifle pulsewave description now correctly mentions knockback rather than repel.
* Rifle overload beam now correctly mentions repel rather than knockback.
* Scatter Volley I: Fixed error that had it incorrectly listed as Rapid Fire I in the skill window UI.
* Starship Cloak Abilities: Added short and long descriptions for starship cloak abilities.
* Fixed an error in the Description of the "Efficient Captain" trait. The trait stated "Multiple applications of the same rank of efficient do not stack." This is untrue, and the description is now updated. "Efficient Captain" and the Bridge Officer "Efficient" trait all stack together. This is only an error in the description, not the trait(s).
* Updated tooltips for Starship Attack Vectors Starship Combat Maneuvers, and Starshis Battle Strategy skills to more accurately explain the bonuses they grant. Skills were not changed, only the tooltips were modified
* Torpedo Spread description is now more accurate.
* Updated Space Phaser proc tooltip which was incorrectly reporting a 5% chance when the chance was actually 2.5%
* Added captain career requirement to description of skill training unlocks.
* Corrected text errors that misreported the wrong version of a skill training unlock.
* Corrected old name references for Scramble Sensors.
* Corrected old name references for Hypospray - Dylovene
* Fixed an error in the Description of the "Efficient Captain" trait. The trait stated "Multiple applications of the same rank of efficient do not stack." This is untrue, and the description is now updated. "Efficient Captain" and the Bridge Officer "Efficient" trait all stack together. This is only an error in the description, not the trait(s).
* Fixed the display name on some Tricobalt device items.
* Fixed ship turret guns so the tooltips say it has a 360 degree fire arc, and selecting the weapon will show a 360 degree fire arc around the ship. No change to any turret weapons themselves - just the display info.
* Updated tooltips for Starship Attack Vectors Starship Combat Maneuvers, and Starship Battle Strategy skills to more accurately explain the bonuses they grant. Skills were not changed, only the tooltips were modified.

Costumes and customization

* New alien customization options are available!
* New hairstyles are available!
* Added new stances, Stern and Relaxed to the costume tailor
* Added a Starfleet Off-Duty costume slot which will be granted to your Federation Captain the next time you go to the tailor. There are no restrictions to where you can wear your Off-Duty outfits so go forth and be relaxed!
* Added more NPC costumes for the “Distress Call” mission.
* Costumes will no longer randomly change to the captain’s profession colors.
* Fixed an issue that allowed pips to be selected regardless of Rank restrictions.
* Fixed an issue that prevented all spot textures from being available in Female Alien species creation.
* Fixed an issue that prevented colors from being independently selectable on player and Boff Uniforms
* Old saves made from the Tailor window should now load properly
* Updating the background of the Tailoring screen to be a bit brighter with better lighting for your character.
* Updated Art for Borg Implants and attachments
* Fixed an issue that caused players to always get the same gender bridge officer for a given species or career combination.
* Fixed an issue where fleet uniforms would not be unlocked even when someone was in a fleet.
* Fixed skinning issues with female skirts

Ships and Customizations

* The K'Tanco class Battle Cruiser in now available for Klingons starting at Lt Commander rank.
* The specifications of the K'Tanco Battle Cruiser have been added to the Klingon Empire ship database on Qo'noS.
* New bridges and bridge variants for Klingon faction players.
* Bird of Prey configuration 1 may now be customized at a ship customization contact on Qo’Nos.
* Raptor configuration 4 may now be customized at a ship customization contact on Qo’Nos.
* Galaxy Class model now more accurately reflects the TNG canon ship.
* Luna Class has been updated to more accurately reflect Star Trek canon.
* Separated Galaxy battle bridge variant now fires weapons from correct node locations.
* Windows, escape pods, and hangar doors should now be properly displayed if using a video card with shader model 2.0.
* Ships used by many unknown species now uses blue detailing instead of yellow
* Updated some mission specific Klingon ship names
* Updated Fleet Logo lighting on several ships
* The impulse glow and trails for the Klingon Carrier are now yellow instead of red
* Updated the costume for Raider 5
* Fixed text error that caused all Birds of Prey to display as “Brel” in the ship selector.
* Minor texture improvements to the Romulan Warbird
* Fixed the upside down and oversized fleet logo on one of the Sovereign variants
* Attempting to rename the Danube Class runabout will no longer fail with the error: “Not your active ship”
* Earth Spacedock ship database now shows correct number of device slots for science ships; both Federation and Klingon ship databases adjusted to show base turn rate in degrees per second
* New borg cube costumes created for Sector Space
* U.S.S. Nova - lower impulse engine replaced with shuttle bay to better match cannon.
* Fixed an issue with U.S.S. Sovereign and U.S.S. Discovery engine trails not showing
* Fixed torpedoes launching down on the U.S.S. Noble
* Smoothed out the U.S.S. Sovereign and U.S.S. Majestic saucers
* Fixed holes at impulse engines in U.S.S. voyager science 1 ships no longer fire cannons out of nacelles fixed the graphical issue with the top rear of U.S.S. Majestic
* Fixed Ship tailor camera distances to prevent zooming into ship issues
* Fixed geometry clipping issues for Tier 1 Federation Escorts
* Added registry IDs to sovereign class nacelles. Added captain's yacht to all sovereign class variants
* Added a central impulse engine trail to Galaxy class cruisers.
* Improved the Blinking lights on Tier 5 Science Ships
* Fixed an issue where new ships were unable to be claimed and would appear in the user’s inventory


* Players now have access to more emotes!
* Fixed some minor visual errors with beam out animations.
* Fixed some animation issues with redshirts.
* Added female captain's chair sit for females wearing skirts
* Addressed an issue with weapon swapping to prevent animation issues from occurring if users spam the keys.
* Ship Tailor in Qo'noS no longer pops between incompatible animations.
* Updated miscellaneous kit powers animation issues to work better with the Run and Gun system


* Lens flare FX have been turned on
* Weapons no longer cast inappropriate shadows
* The Tricorder FX should now show up properly on the following powers: Create Turret, Medical Generator, Mine Barrier, Seeker Drone, Shield Generator, and Support Drone
* Borg bosses should now use Borg transporter FX to escape instead of Federation transporter FX.
* Added some FX which will play after consuming specific food items
* Adjusted the size of the photon and plasma grenade explosions to match AoE sizes better
* Photonic Fleet: Photonic Fleet now has a special ‘dissolve’ FX when the ship expires after battle. If a photonic ship is destroyed in battle, it still uses the normal death animation without the warp core explosion
* Fixed the dark energy FX on the Iconian Dreadnaught
* Reduced the brightness on the Smoke Grenade
* Borg spheres now rotate slower when they are about to explode.
* Properly scaled shuttle craft impulse trails and added warp trails
* Added blinking lights to Fleet Escorts
* Fixed a technical issue with gear and beam out animations
* Fixed an issue that caused some explosions to not play
* Minor visual updates to stealth powers
* Crystaline Entity FX beam fixed so that it will not drop out on minimum quality setting.
* Increased size of Large Object Transport FX.
* Wormhole FX updated to appropriately display appropriately from all angles and to be more IP accurate
* Fixed VFX issues that caused various explosions to not play correctly everytime
* Resized and added more fire to torches in Romulan Temple
* Removed the vomit VFX that Gorn could inflict
* Klingon Security Escort should no longer use a Federation beam out fx.


* Klingon ship computer notifications will be appropriate for the Klingon Faction
* Added SFX on ground weapons that were missing them.
* Added SFX for Photonic Officer – Science Bridge Officer Power.
* Updated ambient audio on ground PVP maps.
* Added and updated ambient audio on player bridges.
* Added ambient audio to several maps that previously had none.
* Borg space neutralizer impact SFX are a bit louder now.
* Added SFX for Tractor Beam Repel power.
* Faction based transporter FX should now play the proper SFX.
* Adjusted some audio playback properties to allow power SFX to play more reliably.
* Added ambient audio to the Risa grotto
* Replaced the space and external environment ambiences in the Vorn system
* Fixed an issue where incorrect tip VO would play in the tutorial
* Fixed a minor bug with Crystalline Entity audio not always playing correctly
* Transwarp conduit activation, open and deactivation sounds hooked up
* Fixed an issue where the wormhole wouldn’t always play audio


* Fixed the edge of world boundaries on the planet in the Rashana system
* Fixed the fog levels on a few sky textures that were too foggy
* Fixed some lighting issues in the alien caves environment
* The Sector Space border will now LOD out more appropriately
* Fixed a door seam error in Earth Space Dock
* Updated lighting in Earth Space Dock
* Added chairs and tables to the bar on Earth Space Dock
* Adjusted the brightness of some lights in DS9
* Removed the lens flare from Earth Space Dock
* Mission objects in Exploration maps should now visible regardless of whether High Detail Objects is turned on in video options.
* Fixed several misaligned walls that would cause holes to be seen in Borg interiors and with lower video settings.
* Added low detail props for Borg interiors to improve collision and visual appearance on low end settings.
* Added new planetary surface types and interiors that can be discovered in Exploration missions
* Added more space station and satellite varieties that can be found in Exploration missions.
* Revamped several Fleet Action maps including Breaking the Planet, Klingon Scouting Force, and Gorn Minefield.
* Fixed some plants that were clipping through walls in Admiral Quinn’s office
* Improved the texture of Starbase 24 station in the Sirius sector
* Fixed zfighting on crates on Rator III
* Fixed an issue where holes would appear in civilian buildings on low video settings
* Made the destroyed mining on breaking the planet look more destroyed
* Fixed several holes in rock and props on the Cirini Prime planet
* Adjusted lighting the Sierra Outpost station
* Fixed minor terrain and sky file issues with the Lahra system ground map
* Fixed missing back faces on Borg debris objects

UI and Controls

* Chat: The Emote submenu now disappears when an emote is selected, but can be “pinned” by a button press to turn into a moveable persistent window
* New notifications font style! Players will be able to quickly discern key notifications from standard game messages
* Your ship hull indicator now shows the ship silhouette of your current ship as well as a tooltip giving the ship type
* Optimized the planet in the background of the login screen
* Items in the tray now consider stack counts of all similar items between those equipped and in your inventory
* If you set follow on a target and hold down both mouse buttons to steer, it now breaks follow.
* Loot Window: When on a team, round robin rewards are now split correctly when a mob drops multiple items.
* Loot: Fixed a bug where resources would not properly go to your inventory when looted.
* Tailor: updated the width of the Current Resources and Cost info at the bottom of the screen
* Added tooltips to the Bridge Officer Power Tray to show the rank of the bridge station.
* Universal Bridge Officer stations should now be displayed properly in the Bridge Officer Tray
* Ship Rename: Added separate lines for name and registry costs to help alleviate confusion
* Wear, Rename and Modify buttons are now disabled if you have an unlocked empty slot selected.
* Fixed an issue where Tailor buttons for Wear, Rename and Modify wouldn’t get enabled properly if a new costume slot was filled.
* Fixed buttons in the Klingon Tailor UI to properly show Klingon versions of the buttons.
* The Officer training window will now display an error if the player doesn’t have enough merits for training unlocked skills.
* The interact bar will now match the style of each factions UI skin.
* Martial Arts icon now uses the Klingon version where appropriate.
* Increased the size of some UI elements to allow localization text to fit properly.
* Tailor UI will no longer say it will charge a player when there is no cost.
* Players stop moving when using the tailor which will prevent the tailor from closing unexpectedly.
* Fixed an issue where clicking the tray mode box in space would deselect your target if "click unselects target is on"
* Fixed an issue where the ground tray would cause the power list and mode select buttons to become unclickable when opening the tray mode selector.
* Minimap scale and waypoint icons were increased to make them easier to select
* Added a partial screenshot of your current ship to the Inventory screen.
* Character Creator: The camera now defaults to zoomed in when customizing the head features.
* Made sector space icons larger so that it is easier to click on them to auto-travel.
* Fixed a bug where some upper body armor and kits were not displaying the Tailor
* Made several visual adjustments to the Skill selection window. Maxed out skills now appear as brighter green instead of grayed out.
* Removed an error message that would appear if you pressed X when closing a reward window instead of clicking OK.
* Waypoints have been scaled properly on the minimap
* The Fleet UI now shows the last logged in time for offline members.
* The minimap in space should now allow you to zoom out fully once again
* Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause the respawn window to never go away.
* Added an error message to display when a player has acquired the maximum number of starships
* Changed behavior so players cannot drag items out of their inventory and onto the HUD to destroy them. Players can remove items by right-clicking on them and selecting the "Discard" option or by using the replicator.
* Diary - small layout changes to make it visually match the other journal tabs
* Adjusted the ship paperdoll UI to make the ship headshot is as big as possible and to see the full ship.
* Fixed a bug which prevented players from splitting stacks of items.
* Fixed bug with Guild Bank where right clicking on an item would show an empty context menu.
* Fixed bug with Guild Bank where dragging an item to/from the guild bank would cause all the slots in the guild bank to be highlighted red
* Added a context menu option "Move to Candidate Roster" to move bridge officer candidates which are in the inventory or bank so they may be used properly.
* Fixed line break characters in the team status window
* Art updates to the inventory shell UI elements
* Added new PVP status icons for the Queue window.
* The media control window will now remember its position even after it disappears.
* Fixed an issue where the Fleet bank permission check boxes were not working properly.
* Removed unneccesary resist percentages from starship lists
* Fixed an issue where players do not receive a return message when a ship rename takes place.
* Fixed an issue where Save/Load appears twice in the ship tailor.
* Added an option to the PowerList window that allows a player to lock the tray - which means that tray elements will not be allowed to move into or out of the tray. The tray mode and tray row can still be modified.
* Disabled ship shield UI while in sector space.
* Fixed a UI error if map transfer occurred while the tailor is open.
* Add a region selector to the HUD Options window.
* Fixed lighting issues in contact headshots
* Map scrolling should now be smoother and will not recenter until the player moves
* Fixed a bug related to closing and reopening the guild bank while on the credits tab
* Fixed the item list in the context menu of the trade UI. Clicking on an item should now populate the list as expected
* Made improvements to the bug reporting system upon using “/stuck”
* Improvements to the Need or Greed Loot UI
* Players can no longer use Need or Greed timers to force teammates to pass on items.
* Repeatable missions now display a cooldown timer in the contact dialogue. The cooldown timer represents when you can accept the mission again.
* Added power levels preset options to the keybind list
* Fixed an issue where the /who menu would no longer report character information: Names, Rank, LFT status, location, fleet or status.
* Added French and German Translations for Special Task Force – The Cure.
* Miscellaneous French and German Translations in Mission text and the UI

„Segia mun ec til nafns míns, þótt ec secr siác, oc til allz øðlis: ec em Óðins sonr, Meila bróðir, enn Magna faðir, þrúðvaldr goða; við Þór knáttu hér doma. Hins vil ec nú spyria, hvat þú heitir.“
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25.03.2010 Release Notes - March 24, 2010
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