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 26.03.2010 Release Notes - March 25, 2010

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BeitragThema: 26.03.2010 Release Notes - March 25, 2010   Fr Jul 09, 2010 1:00 pm


* Respec - Reset the non-stacking free respec token gift so that all users will once again have one free Respec Token.
* Character Rename – Changed the explanatory text for the short name rename for clarity


* Fixed an issue where the blue team would instantly capture points in Space Area Control maps


* Updated the Respec UI to properly refresh when a character has spent their respec token and will need to spend merit to perform an additional respec
* Added a notification when selecting Off-Duty Outfits to prompt players to hide their armor
* Restored the missing “Base Defense” stat to the character status screen
* Removed duplicate skills from the Skill-Based stats tab of the character status screen

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26.03.2010 Release Notes - March 25, 2010
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